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Rocking equipment with a striking design!


Recognizable playing pleasure !


MEEGOO rocking equipment made from durable and high quality materials for virtually everlasting playing pleasure.

With our experience for years on end, in the production of rocking equipment, we are proud to present to you the new MEEGOO-line.

This new MEEGOO-line of "Farm Animals" carries themes that are easily identified both by the "old" and the "young".

Children will be attracted by the recognizability of the animals, whose natural appearances and happy colours simply invite to play.
Playing is a necessary learningproces and essential for their future development and education.

Apart from the visible parts such as appearance, colours and styling, the MEEGOO "Farm Animals" distinguish themselves also by the high-quality materials that are used which is a guarantee for virtually everlasting playing pleasure.

Only the best materials are used and production is done by experienced craftsman with help of state-of-the-art technology.

Safety is of utmost importance and consequently this new MEEGOO-line is officially tested according to European and Dutch official standards EN 1176-1,  EN 1176-6, EN 1177.
All "Farm Animals" are tested and approved by the Dutch Liftinstituut and all carry the safety certificate.
The Dutch Accreditation Council RvA, operating as accreditor for certification bodies has approved the Liftinstituut as an official certification instituut. 



The cow


Which child doesn't know the cow?
She is the leading lady of the farm!

Probaly one of the far most important farm animals, so may not be missed in our serie of animals and recognized by everyone, as young as they may be..

The smile on the ladies face will bring a smile on anyone's face, young and old.

Protected under no. 2001-772-01

Orderspecification: VK





The horse

Horses and pony’s always have a great affinity to children.
They attrack everyone!
Nothing better to ride then a horse-back!
Friendly looking, so for sure not frightening, rather inviting !


Protected under no. 2001-772-01

Orderspecification: VP






The pig


In real life, our friend plays in the mud and is not the cleanest of all animals.
When our friend would become dirty in this case, only some warm water and soap is required to make him a decent and clean animal again.
All "Farm Animals" have a smooth surface that makes cleaning very easy!

Protected under no. 2001-772-01

Orderspecification: VV





The sheep


Our animal lacks the soft touch of its living, wool carrying look-a-like.
However, the appearance of our animal is,as can be expected, friendly and inviting.
Whereas the living look-a-like looks for a friend in the herd, our sheep is looking for a child to play with!

Protected under no. 2001-772-01

Orderspecification: VS




The rooster


Whereas in real life he is a noisemaker, in your garden he will be the silent one!
It is the child that will make the noise, meaning the crow of pleasure and sincere fun !!!

With every unit comes a user's manual and a logbook to assist you in specific situations.

Protected under no. 2001-772-01

Orderspecification: VH




For position the equipment, we can offer various  optional solutions.

One of them,, the most used, is to dig in the equipment using the standard foundation elements.
At first these elements were optional, but now they come standard with every unit.
With this method you don't have to poor or place a heavy concrete block what usually is done.




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